[REDACTED] farming company

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This is my point of view! I am not 100% sure that they are farming for Achilles, but in this match, it freakin looked like farming
I joined in action, so I don’t know how they played at the start of the match.
The enemy team consisted of 10 players from “<mark>REDACTED</mark>”, 1 player from “<mark>REDACTED</mark>” and 1 player from a company I will not mention here, because this thread is not about him (He played totally fair).
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The one I killed who had the minigun, was not part of this company! He actually tried to destroy our core (I guess he was the reason why the core was down so quickly)
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fun fact: “<mark>REDACTED</mark> is an ANZ based Spartan Company that prides itself in consistently winning Warzone matches through strategy and teamwork”
win percentage 64%…