Red vs Green Recruitment. Ozzies and NZ's

G’day Spartans! Well I suppose you already know what we’re asking for, all you need now is details.

We want four Australian or New Zealander Halo players between the ages of 13 and 16 that we can depend on to be playing Halo on a regular basis. With 4 to 5 days play time on Halo 4.

The group is split into 2 teams Red and Green that have regular custom matches together. We also meet up to play Minecraft every now and then but feel free to sighn up if you dont have the game. We dont want super competitive players just those who plan to win. Basically we just want more Halo players to hang out with.

Each team has their own rules, ranks and leaders. At this time each team has 2 core members each but we want to make it four each.

Teams also have other members that your gonna see come and go. These members we only keep around if there’s room in a match. We aren’ recruiting for members like this.

Conatct us at my gamer tag or any other RvG member that may pop up on this thread.

Hey guys and girls I’m Blackout22lr leader of the Red Army ready to crush the Green team but we need your help. So help us in the Reds battles with the green team.

Or… You could join me at Green team. Lets keep in mind what colour armour Cheif wears;)

I’m Mega and leader of green team. And as I said erlier we’re looking for 2 new addiions to the team that can be on halo with us on a regular basis.

Hopefully you guys will see my good freind SunnieShades on this thread soon enough, he’s looking forward to seeing new editions to the team almost as much as I am.

If there’s a sniper or a Driver out there you’re the player we want right now, and when we say sniper we mean someone who can at least compete with Blackout in a sniper fight, but he’ll tell you all about that.

I suppose I should give you guys a little history on us. Well it started in Reach with a horrible forge map. Me and Blackout had a few 1v1 matches then there was somthing about Cone-bots,then an argument,then a more decent forge map. Next thing we knew Halo 4 came out and well… we lost the last round. Since then both teams have lost members and we hope to make 4v4 matches again.

But now after a year we’re back! And I plan to win this time…even if it takes untill halo 5. I look forward to hearing from ya!

Red team recon btw green didn’t lose member he kicked them out XD.

Hello! My name is Sunnie and I’m from the U.S. But I live down under near the other guys in Australia. I am green team local Forger (I do FFA, Invasion, gotten into 2v2/3v3 and cool looking stuff) and I’m a marksman. So I joined green through meeting Mega in matchmaking and getting to know him, then I asked to join and got accepted into ranks of the mighty green army! I was former 2nd in command but we both agreed I wasn’t a good leader. I think Corporal sounds better anyway. So after all that here I am on this forum… Hi. (: