Red Vs Blue.

With a plus 5% win for the Blues which is total of 100,0000 says that some of the maps are a little of balance, and during the beta I always felt happier on the blue team as I felt it was harder to see the blue players against the background.

I know it wasn’t always favoured towards the blue team but 75% of the time we had darker maps, so I’m wondering if the map or blue colour needs a small adjustment?

It did seem a little harder to spot blue players on some maps and areas.

Just adding some highlights like 4 did to player armor and that outta solve this issue.

Either way, (level lighting or armor highlighting) thus is being addressed, as noted by the feedback. We can only hope!

As an avid Red team supporter, I am saddened by this news. :frowning:

Do you want to talk about it?

Sarge is saddened by this as well. May God help Grif.

Blue team for life.

Never had a hard time see a blue player In the beta.