Red vs Blue season 15 (speculation and theory)

As we all know now is the time of year rooster teeth starts putting out adds for the new season of RvB and along with that comes a lot of theories because of where the series left off and I have a theory about what could happen as far as church deconstructing and the messages and fragments he leaves behind.
since the death of the director tex and all the clones I had this feeling that church could recreate the ai fragments like with tex and as of season 13’s end that appears to be the case. but then that raises the question when church creates the new defragments would he just be restricted to creating regular fragment ais like with the freelancer program or would he be able to create larger ai entities such as tex. because if so then not only could we see the return of tex but maybe some of the fallen freelancers represented as ai’s such as agent York… now I know what you must be thinking that that would be complete bs but if you think about the story so far the ais are planted inside peoples head so who better to get their personalities down then the ais themselves all the information from the ais are just deposited onto a server which is where church picked up the info from delta to show Carolina the messages from York and with that he very well could have picked up York’s personality data. they may have hinted at this at the end of 13 when church said " I’m leaving you guys these messages along with others" and it shows Carolina on the screen. this is just a theory but I would like to see York come back as either Carolinas ai or or maybe north/zeta as caboose’s ai
so tell me what you think of my speculation and I would love to here your speculation on the new ai fragments and sorry for my horrendous grammar