Red Triangle Won't Let Me Search

I logged onto the beta after taking about an hour break and for some reason there is a red triangle with an exclamation point next to the playlist and it won’t let me search. To top it off, I for some random reason dropped in rank. It is really -Yoinking!- annoying. Any ideas what this could mean? I’m thinking that it might be a penalty for leaving a game early, but that wouldn’t make sense because I haven’t left any games early since the start of the beta. Making a person unable to search for a period would make sense as a punishment for leaving the game early, but I haven’t left any games in progress, I got disconnected once because the game lost connection to the server, but I have yet to leave a game in progress.

Same issue here. Pre-downloaded the game Sunday night. Waited until Monday evening to attempt to play. Couldn’t get passed the “red triangle” playlist screen. Restarted the system several times in which did not solve the issue. Each time the beta was started per the instructions from the MCC documentation. Deleted the beta from the system and re-downloaded it only to be presented with the same problem once again. Deleted the beta for a second time to download it again for a third time. This time I tried to download it from the xbox live store in case the software was updated there. Tried it and it worked finally. Played a couple matches after this. However, I sign in today and now that dreaded “red triangle” playlist screen has returned. I realize that this is just a beta but I still haven’t seen anyone from 343 or Microsoft providing any update on the issue in which is troubling. Many have had the same problem and pressing “A” on menus and having NAT set to open and appearing online etc… does not work, at least for me. Hopefully they will provide a patch or update to fix this issue. It does not seem to be a server-side issue. It seems like a software issue. If this doesn’t get resolved I’m done with 343.