Red Shift armor coating FIX?

343 has stated that it is going to get fixed and im like… i like it the way it is. Whats the problem with it? I dont want it to be full of scratches and things like that. I love the matte finish on it. Please 343 dont ruin this coating. Fix watchdog but leave red shift alone please.


Unfortunately 1 or 2 people made a post on reddit at launch regarding the Red Shift Armor color not being what is advertised.

Now the people who like it have to watch as their favorite armor coating is ruined because a minority said so.

The outcry wasn’t to change Red Shift but to change The Watchdog SR152.

What this does is actively makes one coating worse for literally no reason.


Hopefully an option is added for Clean Matted or Worn 0ut. And for all the coatings.


i mean, to be fair… said minority is right to complain about false advertising

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They should just keep it how it is and give all owners of it a new color scheme that resembles the image promised

Everyone wins this way

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Hey OP, just so you know, none of the various “armor” actually does anything - it’s all useless. Gaining access to any particular “armor” piece will neither help you nor - if an opponent happens to have it - hinder you in-game.

You are asking for too much. We dont even have cross core coatings.

Which one is red shift, I lost track of them already It all started to look the, just red but different shade.

I wonder though why they didn’t give us all 60 default colors from Halo 5 day one as our default choices.

It’s the one you could get from gamestop for buying any halo related item, but the whole promotion was scuffed. Basically it was a promo that was set up pre delay and 343 decided not to delay or cancel the promo, but never told Gamestop, so nobody could get their hands on it because gamestops everywhere had no idea about any such promotion. I personally got it the very last day of the promo because that was the only day my local gamestop actually even had an option for it. (And yes I know for a fact it was the only day, I’m friends with one of the employee’s and had been getting updates about it everyday up until it was made available on the last day. )

Oh no! The Dirty_Troll_Nurse is back! Everybody watch out for the troll!

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Damn Yea so basically you may be the only person who has it. So that update for it only applies to you lol.

Didn’t say that at all, lol simply was mentioning how the promo was scuffed and gave my own experience with how scuffed it was for me personally. As far as I know I’m probably one of 5 people(Including my SO, and a friend I got a code for) in my local area that were able to get it. I know a couple people in new york who were able to get it half way, to about 3 quarters through(but not earlier than half) when the promo should have started, and I know a dude in florida who got it day one the promo was supposed to start, and know another in florida who didn’t get it until the last day and had to drive 3 hours cause the 3 gamestops right near where he lived didn’t have the promo at all, but the GS 3 hours away from him did have it.

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They should do things like tony hawk pro skater and make it where you armor is either Clean, Worn, and Damaged being where your armor has tiny peices destroyed

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No he’s not the only one who has it, I have it as well and they also ran the promotion again.

There’s a site I use for tracking these things called . Just go under promotions and you’ll see all the existing and previous promotions. I got the majority of them but I also knew how to use google and would just type in halo infinite promos every month or so.

I like Red Shift, but I don’t like the Watchdog. Both were falsely advertised. If I had to pick one to be the better of the two, it’d be Watchdog considering the investment of time and possibly money to achieve it.

Eh I’m not doing thatuch effort for these. I have sticking some of the default or free coatings so far

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