Red Reticle Removed For PC Players

Just becuase ‘some’ people are cheating DOES NOT mean that everyone is. Why are ALL pc players being punished for the actions of the few? Pc players no longer get Red Reticles when aiming at an enemy; for both m&k and controller users.

This is unfair when fighting console players; who still have it.

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inb4 ‘halo is a console game you PC elitist’

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Since it is an indicator of optimal bullet magnetism, it is a handicap rather than a “fix”.

I understand the rationale, but it should’ve been a temporary speed bump as opposed to a permanent bandaid solution.


They also gave everyone handy red outlines which opens ip alot you can do with image recognition.

Total clown move.


Running image recognition (correctly) is still quite a bit more difficult than coding a:

if pixels[x,y].color == red then send MouseButton1.Down

Although I doubt anyone would go down the image recognition route, given that cheats seem to extract data on where player’s heads are from the game process’s data itself (so they don’t need to go the computationally expensive IR route). However I think 343 also mentioned in that post that this change was done mostly so people don’t start DIYing their own trigger bots due to simplicity (see pseudocode above).