Red Reticle is back on PC

The update today features improvements on PC which includes red reticle.


Called it. (20 characters)

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Do I have to turn that on or is it on by default?

should be on by default, iirc.

don’t quote me on that!


I didn’t notice it in the custom games I was in. I’ll jump into an easy bot match and just test it there I guess. Easy bots should make it easy to see if it’s on or not with no problems.

My Reticle turns Yellow, perhaps it uses the color you use for the Enemy Spartans Shield Glow color which mine is also yellow perhaps?

Either way, I never saw an option to turn this feature on in settings, so I presume it is on by default.

Update: I can confirm now that the color of the Retricle it changes to is tied to the color you pick for “Enemy UI Color”. I have enemies set to Sunshine, so my retricle also turns Yellow.

Kind of blends in, wish I could use a Red color Retricle while having enemies with Yellow Colors. But I can work with this just fine too.

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Crazy thing is, I never realized Infinite didn’t have a red reticle playing on Steam…

Only until a couple a weeks ago did I hear its announce and realized it…

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I’ve noticed zero difference on MnK and have no red reticule.

In settings, what color do you have the “Enemy UI Color” set too? The Retricule will change to that color when it triggers.

I just found that out, as I use Sunshine to “Enemy UI Color”, so my Retricule turns yellow instead of red.

Kind of wish I had the option to keep it red instead personally, as Sunshine blends in with the default white a little too easily. But it’s not a deal breaker either.

Does it change color when you’re a certain distance from the enemy? If not then it’s not the same thing. The reticule should only change color when you’re within range of being able to hit the enemy with whatever weapon you have equipped.

Mine changes to yellow when it kicks in, because my Enemy UI Color is set to Sunshine.

If I turn it to red, then my retricle changes to red.

I didn’t notice it at first because the yellow blends in with the default white.

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Thanks, that did work. They really should have mentioned that in the release notes. I hope they add the option to separate it from the Enemy UI color in the future.

Also, maybe I don’t understand its purpose. Isn’t it supposed to change color when you’re within the weapon’s range? For example, I got a kill while zoomed in with the pistol even though the reticule color never changed. However, when I used the Mangler it did seem like the reticule would change color based on the zoom level which is what I would expect.

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I agree w you - I would like to have a red reticle while keeping my enemy outline color lime.

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I believe its tied into when the gun’s aim assist kicks in, its always been possible to shoot someone outside of RRR.

REQUESTED FEATURE: Reticle color options in the Settings menu, most notably the ability to select a specific reticle color that is independent of the enemy outline color (for example, reticle can be manually set to Salmon and enemy outline set to Pineapple).

I would VERY much like to see the following options added in the settings menu:
1. Reticle color mirrors enemy outline color on/off (reticle color is always the same as enemy outline color when “on” and can be manually selected when “off”)
2. Reticle color (manual color selection for when option #1 above for reticle color mirror is set to “off”)
3. Toggle reticle color on/off (ability to disable “red” reticle completely)

I really hope the devs see this. If that’s you, thank you for considering these suggestions!