Red Reticle - Bring it back

The biggest issue for me personally is the missing red reticle when hovering enemy players.
This simple feature is adding so much to hit feedback and responsivenes of the game. Especially when you know other halos or splitgate for example.
I know the official explanation and its a terrible excuse in my opinion.

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I have to admit, this is the first Halo I’ve played on PC (I am still using a controller but recently upgraded my rig) and I haven’t really noticed the difference. My accuracy is higher than in any other Halo game - particularly with the BR - and if anything it just means I’m less annoyed as I’m making less assumptions about how many shots I’ve registered - assumptions that the red reticle creates.

343i removed the red reticle on PC as an attempt to make cheats/hacks less effective on PC, specifically aimbot, but it didn’t actually do a thing.

Yeah cause all they have to do is make it look for the red outline instead.

What a silly decision on 343’s part.

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Of course, with something like ESP wall hacks maybe? I think cheaters are going to be running about in Halo Infinite and that it will last for some long, trying times for a good fraction of the game’s player base.