red plasma rifle in halo 4.

Should the red plasma rifle be in Halo 4? also if you know for a fact that Covenant weaponry won’t be in Halo 4 please enlighten me>

Makes no difference if it is blue or red, really. Is yellow an option?

I would like to see a green plasma rifle

> I would like to see a green plasma rifle

I found this so funny, I almost pissed myself. Maybe a custom colour pallette(That you could see only) Would be implemented for the Plasma pistol, Plasma rifle, and Plasma repeater LOLOLOLOLOLNO

The plasma weapons should have available shapes to modify the projectile with for instence you could make a charged plasma pistol shot look like Chuck Norris, Master Chief, or any thing that would be funny

The covenant has been confirmed, although there are significant changes to everything about it and the red plasma rifle is a brute variant. They are, as far as i remember, stuck without their covenant and they suck at technology. I dont think we will enen see them, but hey nobody knows. Hey, most covenant weaponry is probably drastically changed…

I miss the Brute Plasma Rifle. :frowning:

We know that the Covenant will be quite different in this instalment. Likely segmented. I think the Brute’s will probably be using their own weapons again; Spikers, Maulers, Brute Shots, things along those lines.