Red exclamation mark on playlist

Hi any help would be appreciated. I downloaded the beta last night. I got both codes and the game is installed and running. the only problem is that i am unable to start a game. Where it says playlist there is a red exclamtion mark and i can not do anything to start the playlist. I have tried everything. i have shut off the game and restarted the game. Shut off the console and restarted the console and also reset my router/modem and yet still no luck. still the exclamation mark is there and i still can not start the playlist. Any help would be appreciated weither from a 343 staff or gamer. I really want to try the beta but obviously this is perventing me from doing so.

Mine worked last night… having the same issue today…

my problem was that i had the alternative mac adress on (it lets me connect to wifi hotspots that require a login by tricking the hotspot into thinking the xbox is the previously logged in device) that was preventing me from joining any matchmaking on any games. Try resetting your alternative mac adress if all else fails.