Red elites legendary halo ce

I am playing legendary in the MCC and it feels mostly the same as it always did. I have noticed something strange about the red Elites though. They can survive a direct rocket hit. I remember the gold elites being able to survive direct rocket hits, but I don’t remember the red elites being able to do that. Does anyone remember if rockets are one hit kills on red elites in the original halo CE?

I just beat Halo CEA 2 weeks ago on Legendary so I feel qualified to answer this. Red Elites will not survive a DIRECT rocket hit in that game. However, if the rocket hits even a few inches away from them they will survive, although they will have no shields and be extremely weak. On heroic and lower difficulties red elites will die if the rocket lands close to them.

Interesting I wonder if there has been a change or if I just am not aiming properly.

dang, red elites a beast now?!

to play the game again … : D

Just shoot them three times in the jaw with the pistol. That drops them everytime on legendary. The hitbox is really small though.