Red Caution Triangle

Its next to the playlist on the beta an the game wont let me begin searching, any idea whats wrong

same issue with the red caution triangle
cant find a match on the beta
cant find a match on MCC
wtf 343?

Aye, same problem, hard reset my xbox twice, doesn’t help either. Exit game and restart x12 didn’t help either. -Yoink- this, really.

have you tried restarting the beta and or the console

Same problem here. Does it have something to do with having a trial account? Because if that’s the case I’m going to be furious. My XBL gold expired on the 14th of November and I haven’t renewed it since MCC multiplayer hasn’t worked. I redeemed a trial code to try and see how the beta plays, only to run into this problem.

So this makes two Halo multiplayers in a row that are unplayable for me. If I can’t access it without a normal gold account I’ll be furious. I don’t want to pay a dime until both MCC and the beta are properly working. Sure, they are giving away a free month because of the MCC issues, but that isn’t happening until next month, when the beta will most likely already be concluded.

This just isn’t working for me. No matter which mode of entry through MCC or from The Beta Icon, it gives the same stupid Red Triangle with no error message. Absolutely ridiculous. Tried turning it off, unplugging the console, wasted 12 hours last night re-installing MCC. Nothing.
343. Why aren’t you addressing this?!?!