Recruting to our Spartan Company

The Northern Heretics is a brand new Spartan company that is currently recruting anyone that is looking for someone to play with. We play everything Halo and is a friendly and respective Group of people. Games we currently play is Halo 5, Halo Master Chief Collection and Halo Reach. If you want to join this company to have active people to play with just go to hal owaypoint and Send a request with why you want to join and preferably your Region. Reasons to join *You get a free requisition pack. *You have active people to fight alongside in the battlefield We would prefer that you had a working microphone and were of a reasonable age. And at last we don’t care if you are good or bad, we are a spartan company based on pure fun, we can get competetive at times but you will never feel that your teamates are being rude or angry at other members in this group for not doing good. Hope you want to be a part of this Spartan Company Messange GT: StaminaEU Or BlueOrange117 for more information.