Recruting into new guild the emerald eagles (EEGL)

looking for active people to join the EEGL’s
reply if interested or want to know something

i would like to join but i was wondering are there any requirements needed to join?

im an eperienced player on halo games (i have recon on halo 3 )and on halo rech my rank is commander grade 2 (please don’t base my rank on my skill i’m quite a good player).

i dont have a mic any more because its broke but im getting anew one soon

of course you can join, tbh EEGL is a brand new clan, and atm its just me … and you know, your level dost really matter cos im only a LT rank 2 but i consider my self a good player

about the requirments to join, well basicly the only requirment i have is to add me on xbox (so i know when your on and so we can join partys etc) my name is nytrex

also your emblem should be the green sheild and then the yellow sheild with the green eagle and your 4 letter tag should be EEGL (i cant post a picture but if you can look at my profile you can see my emblem and tag)