Recruting Competitive sniper clan. AKA Australia HeadShots

Good day, me and my friend have made a clan together called Australia Head Shots.We’re mainly about playing matchmaking together,having clan battles, and of coarse having fun.

We’re looking for unique players. So far there is only 5 of us. If you want in message me (xFaTaLiTyZHellx) or(PerfidiaVermiss) if you’re not good enough you won’t be allowed in…You can check out our service records if you think we’re bad.Actual leader is PerfidiaVermiss, he gave me option to recruit other players, make clan battles and boot other members.

All of us are good snipers and good DMR-ers. We play a mixture of playlists usually Team Snipers,SWAT,Team objective and Team Slayer.

Rules and Requirements:

Must be fairly active.

Must be in Australia!

Must be at least rank Legend

Must have unique skill.

Can’t be under 13.

Must have a working headset.

Have to be a decent snipers and decent DMR-er

Must have good team-work and hopefully a good sniper shot at the least.

We don’t want players that play stupid play-lists like: Living Dead, Griff-ball,Big Team Battle.If you do play these things this clan definitely isn’t suited for you.

If you trash talk us or betray other members on purpose don’t expect to be in the clan for long.However, you can still trash talk and t-bag the enemy if you like.

Final rule,change the Service tag or clan emblem your given even once,and you automatically quit the clan. :frowning:

P.S. We love our snipers!

Please post back guys! xoxo I love uuuu