recruits needed for crimson legion

hello everyone I’m agent texas359 and head of the crimson legion and am recruiting new members after a recession of membership applications this clan values fun yet competitive matches and emphasizes team based matches. the clan has constructed from the ground up over 7 clan maps has a dedicated forge team which requires at the moment a little more than 1 person, a tried and tested ranking system and the only requirements for being in the clan is to if asked to join another clan declining or stopping activity with this clan to thus join another and changing your emblems colors to in this order from primary to background maroon,grey and white though white isn’t compulsory so please give this clan some support by just friend requesting me agent texas359, say that you want to join the clan and tell me what your in game skills are e.g sniping, melee also if you join up keep an eye on this forum as it will have clan meetings,trial times and clan war games operation days. also please tell me which country and state of it you come from so to account for different time zones thanks.

OK minor modification due to new laws being passed within the clan there are some requirements you must have finished a halo campaign on heroic solo or legendary co-op at minimum and our testing score system has improved and we are now running a minecraft server for any of you actually play minecraft.

Locked at OP’s request.