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~Sanctus Metus Community~

Hello Everybody. This thread will contain any information that you may want to know in regards to joining our community. I will try to keep everything brief, simple and informative - However if you want more information please feel free to add any gamertag listed at the bottom of this post.

>>What is SMC?
SMC is abbreviated to Sanctus Metus Community. The name is Latin, and depending of the time period, Sanctus Metus will either translate to “Holy Fire” or “Seven Sins”. It should be noted that, as the name implies, we are a Community not a Clan. We focus more on having friends to play various games with and talk to, rather then being extremely one game biased and competetive.

>>What will I need to do?
There are no mandatory requirements. We dont “train” and have “meetings” on a weekly basis. A meeting will only be called if an issue has been raised that requires attention. Updates will be sent via message from our community gamertag, which will let you know of any upcoming events.

>>What Games and Events are played?
We primarily play Halo, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, Minecraft and others. We have events every week or so, Such as a Halo 4 Custom Game Night or a Mortal Kombat Tournament. They are fun and help us become closer through the Community.

>>Whats Unique about SMC?

We offer a fair ranking system, where promotions are given by time as a

member and how often you take part in community events. We also offer a

Badge / Commendation system. These badges are awarded by high ranking

members for achieving certain things, such as taking part in a community event

or winning the Mortal Kombat Tournament, among many others. These are

placed in your Bio for bragging rights.

>>Can you join?
Yes. As simple as that. We only ask you keep a civil tounge, respect all members and get along with everybody.

So if you are interested in joining, Feel free to add any Gamertag below. Also be sure to check our Website run by our co-founder, although it is still in the Beta stages. We very much look forward to hearing from you!

~ KannibalxClown / Leading Member and Founder
~ DrukeSkywalker / Co-Leader and Website Admin
~ De4thDe4ler 666 / Co-Leader

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