Recruitment for UNSC Resilience

15th Marine Battalion:
Recruitment Status: OPEN

19th ODST Battalion:
Recruitment Status: CLOSED [Class Based]

Spartan-IV Program:
Recruitment Status: CLOSED [Class Based]

Spartan-II Program:
Recruitment Status: CLOSED [Class Based]

Resilience is a clan that has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a RP Aspect, or chill and just play with friends, or if you have a strong competitive side.

We have 100+ members who are active daily! We are looking for more to join our ranks and have fun with!

What to expect:
» Raids
» TeamTacs
» 8v8’s
» 4v4’s

» 13+ years old
» Discord
» Mic
» Halo Master Chief Collection (PC or Xbox)
» Halo Infinite Multiplayer

What we have to Offer:
» Leadership
» Teamwork
» Discipline
» In-depth MOS System

General Command Staff
GCO: James Folton#7657
GXO: Im OooWee#7878

Spartan-II Staff:
Commanding Officer: Im OooWee#7878
Executive Officer: Luna#4588
Operations Officer: Solomon#9322
Head Drill Instructor: N/A

Spartan-IV Staff:
Commanding Officer: Svber#3957
Executive Officer: BobettaFetta#5983
Operations Officer: N/A
Head Drill Instructor: N/A

ODST Staff:
Commanding Officer: Jiivai#6621
Executive Officer: Perk#6650
Operations Officer: N/A
Head Drill Instructor: N/A

Marine Staff:
Commanding Officer: GhostRecon348#1987
Executive Officer: E Z V L O N#0017
Operations Officer: S C H A A R S H#0042
Head Drill Instructor: N/A

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Hey, I’m looking to join my GT ODST C Black

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