Recruitment for the Third Division "We Want You!"


VERY few of us remain, and of those few only two are registered on Waypoint. I refer of course to myself, the founder back in 2012, and Bloodshotmedic, a joiner who proved himself to us during Halo Reach’s heresy when a member turned a large recruitment and then decided to stage a coup de etat, which failed horribly on his part, halted by a series of three battles where only two of the Third Division’s members at a time fought eight of theirs on their rules and defeated them all three times. These members were Titan0151, Bloodshotmedic, Dusty988, Havoc2552, Delta Flood3, and Spartan Monkey7. These members held onto the core values that made us who we were.Integrity,

The willingness to do what is right even when no one is looking.


Holding yourself to the highest attainable standards and never dropping below them, being good at what you do.

and Respect.

Respect thine fellows and superiors, but always respect your foes as well.These three values brought credit to the clan, these are the values you will find any senior member of the Company hold still. We are and always have been a military style clan where one could not only be promoted for passing evaluation tests, but also on their merit in activities. Once, during reach, we had uniforms, though now those days have past and the only requirement is that your rank within, be it from PVT1 to CGEN, is listed on your Service Tag during Company activities, YOU WILL NOT BE FORCED TO MAINTAIN YOUR RANK ON YOUR TAG IF YOU ARE NOT PARTICIPATING WITH THE COMPANY.

The Third Division is open to all who wish to step through the doors, and join us. Evaluation is simple, and merely to gauge your combat skills and specialties so that we can best place you in combat. That said we only have one ally, the Grim Angel Reapers, whom we have been aligned with since Halo 4. If you are interested please send a join request and send me a message over xbox live so I know it is there.

Thank you,

Command General Titan0151 (Mr. T)
Third Division- Hellbounds