Recruitment For Company Members (Flood Hunters)

Welcome to the “Flood Hunters” recruitment forum post
Here are the rules

1.Do not company hop
2.Show respect to leadership and LTs
3.Don’t be annoying and spam
4.Be happy with what squad within the company your assigned to
5.Don’t be that guy who thinks hes/shes the king of the company or squad he/she is assigned to and boss everyone around only squad captains are allowed to boss troops around
6.Come in with a nice attitude for company battles and don’t be a -Yoink- just because something happened at home and etc. be happy! and don’t take it out on other members
7.We are here to have a good time so enjoy yourself! :smiley:
8.Do not request for a commanding rank
9.Address LTs correctly (Ex. LT (Said LT Gamertag)
10.A lucky newcomer will get chosen to choose which free squad to lead with any 1 soldier of choice that has not had a squad assigned
11. Questions? well ask them in our company forum
12.For rank assignments or any company issues or squad contact leadership only no LTs or you will be ignored

If you would like to join you can we aren’t forcing you , You can join by messaging leadership , or TheHaloForge do not message the current LT he will ignore your message or you can join through the company’s page here. Remember to "Hunt those flood before they get ya!’ have a good one and thank you for clicking this forum post-A Halo Habit

Spartan Company Link-
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