Recruitment for CloudyWithAChanceOfMags

Hello all you wonderful Halo players!

I am the leader of the Spartan Company CloudyWithAChanceOfMags, we are a fairly young company but off to a strong start and looking for great members who are interested in working towards the new armor and free REQ packs! We have a lot of great long time SWAT players, but we are also made up of many arena, slayer, breakout, and warzone players! Once you are in, feel free to add me and message anyone in the group to play with them! Only rule is respect to each of the members, please, I do not think that is a very hard rule to follow :slight_smile: Just message me, respond, or send a request to join and we will get you in here! If you have any questions just send them on in and I will do my best to answer them! Go a head and take a look at my service record and the Spartan Company, I hope you are interested in joining!

See you all soon, thank you for reading!