Recruiting? Who? Quick survey? What?

So I think the recruiting forums are too broad.

This is kind of like a survey or quiz, just answer so I can getting a better understanding of who I got to work with here on the waypoint forums…
If you guys can take a minute out of your time to answer the questions it would be very nice! Again these are just simple questions to find out what kind of community we got here, this could also help anyone else find out if there’s anyone fit for their clan.

Please only complete this little survey if you’re looking for a clan!

  1. What kind of clan go-er are you?
    A. Fun, competitive, outgoing

B.Serious, role playing, try hard competitiveness

C. Fun and chill, noncompetitve

  1. Appearances?
    A. I’m willing to change my armor color or emblem!

B. No! It’ll hurt my independence if I change anything.

  1. Halo 4?
    A. Launch day!

B. Not till later.

  1. Language content?
    A. Lay down any joke, I can take it! It’s all just a joke anyway.

B. No! I can’t take a joke, I’m serious all the time.

--------------------------------------------- end of survey

So if you guys can write your results down below as…

  1. A
  2. B
  3. B
    Etc etc.

Thanks guys, I will personally talk to anyone who seems fit for my clan also!

1 - A
2 - A
3 - A
4 - A