Recruiting Warzone & Arena Players....

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Yo what’s up!
We are now recruiting Warzone Players & Arena Players to our company on HaloWaypoint. If you need a Company of members to play Warzone or Arena with apply to “Slayers of Sweaties”. We are a company that game Warzone & Arena Playlist just about everyday. Need friends to play with??? Want to Win???
-We ask that you have a mic -Only recruiting Spartan Rank 120 or higher -You Got to be able to slay
Select Link below to locate us an apply ----> Slayers of Sweaties
If you don’t have an account on halo waypoint you will have to create one.
Also send me a message to My Gamer tag: HUAK HULK And I will get you added to our Spartan Company or walk you through process.
If you need help message me on Xbox Live and I will respond when I get home today. I check waypoint on a daily basis so you will get in as soon as you apply.
Hope to hear from you free Agents…