Recruiting Warzone & Arena Players Check us out...

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Yo what’s up!
We are recruiting Warzone Players & Arena Players to our company on Halowaypoint. If you need a Company of members to play Warzone or Arena with at anytime apply to “Slayers of Sweaties”. We are a company that game Warzone & Arena Playlist just about everyday & every night. You need friends to play with??? Want to Win??? Want to Destroy lobbies and get hate mail???
Come join us we also have chat app to get to know company more if you join we will give you more details…
-We ask that you have a mic -Only recruiting Spartan Rank 100 or higher -You Got to be able to slay not be carried when running with the Slayers…-We ask that you stay active when you can. We do keep a log of players to find out who is inactive and we flush the inactive members out its only fair to members we do have active and Free Agents that do what to join.
We achieved the Achilles Armor and making progress toward Achilles Helmet.
Select Link below to locate us an apply ----> Slayers of Sweaties
<em>Hurry Now few spots left</em>
You will not fell disappointed in joining us. We are a social group of Slayers that formed a friendship bond and a great gameplay of strategy. We are a talkative bunch of guys of which every gamer wish they had. we want to win of course but we know you win some, you lose some… but with us we win most of the time…
We are an All Time Zone Active Company so anyone around the world is welcome to join at anytime as long as Company isn’t fully maxed out.
We ask that you stay active when you can Also, send me a message to My Gamer tag: HUAK HULK And I will get you added to our Spartan Company or walk you through process. I will respond when I get home today. I check waypoint on a daily basis so you will get in as soon as you apply. Hope to hear from you free Agents…