I am Linda S058 of UNSCDF’s Spartan-II branch, and we are actively looking for recruits for our Marine branch to help substantiate our presence on Halo 5. We have recently started but have a team of high-caliber individuals that have helped lead in several successful clans around the community. We are looking for potential members who possess a varied set of skills and characteristics such as good communication, good cooperative skills, ability to take commands, knowledge of the Halo lore, respectful, disciplined and loyal.

As of now, we only have three branches - Marines, ODSTs and the Spartan-IIs. The latter two are specialist branches, whereas the Marines serve as the mainstream infantry branch. The latter will consist solely of handpicked soldiers that are literally our best. We are a militarily-oriented clan and believe discipline and drill is a fundamental aspect of everyone’s training.

We as a clan participate in clan matches, raids, meetings and training sessions on a regular basis. If you are wanting to schedule an activity, feel free to consult our command members and we’ll organise an event.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please feel free to contact one of us (names will be below) and we’ll get you set up into uniform. Thank you for your time and have a great day!

Contact Details:
-John S117 LL
-William S043 LL
-Linda S058 LL
-Veer Zamam