Recruiting - UHR Halo MCC Clan

Recruiting for UHR (Unified Hyperion Republic)

My name is Rapid EU and I’m recruiting for UHR. We are a militarized/ competitive Community based on Halo: The Master Chief Collection, mainly Halo 4.
( It’s the closest to Halo 5 gameplay-wise. )

Here are some quick facts to hopefully make you want to join UHR:

  • UHR was originally founded towards the release of Halo: REACH. So that makes this clan 5 years old!
  • UHR has a long history of Alliances, struggles, greatness, and power over the militarized community.
  • We were once thought of as the greatest militarized power on the Halo Community.
  • We once became so powerful, that we joined with 2 other clans known as EotRS (Empire of the Rising Sun) and LoS (Legion of Sin) and made the greatest military force on Halo with an alliance known as the Triumvirate, which has since split due to disagreements.
  • We had, at 1 point, more than 200 members! That’s a lot!
  • UHR has only been defeated once, and that was by 1 raid against one of our ex ally, LoS, which we soon fought again, and won the war. OORAH

There’s obviously a lot more details that I’ve left out. But now, onto the requirements! Here are the most basic requirements we ask of you:

  • Must be 13 years of age or older
  • Have a functioning MIC (not a kinect)
  • An XBOX LIVE Gold subscription
  • A Positive Attitude
  • Must be willing to wear a branch armor combination
  • Must be willing to follow orders
  • Must be active within the clan

The names I’m about to list are the people you can contact to ask to join or get a little bit more information from. Make sure to tell them Rapid EU sent you.

  • Rapid EU ( This is my gamertag )
  • UHR Achilles ( This is the President’s / Leader’s Gamertag )
  • Brickhouse68 ( This is the VP of UHR )
  • UHR Drift ( Drift is our Executioner and the person who handles the LAW )

This is our website! If you would like to learn a little more about the clan you are considering to join, please visit this site so you can know what you’re joining up into!

Still have questions you want answered?

*Message me on xbox
*Tweet at me @RawrRapid
*Inbox me on the forum

I hope you consider joining the clan and I’ll see you on the battlefield.

This is CMSR Tem of the Free Sentry Republic. My CO is interested in the possibility of moving the FSR to Halo 4. While we are not the UUF, we are one of the clans connected to UUF culture. With this in mind, my concern is the long standing blockade that was put in place, once the UHR led community coalition vs UUF war was over, to prevent UUF operations on Halo 4.

We are not the UUF. That is true. Were we to move to Halo 4 though, would that cause contention with the UHR’s wish to blockade the UUF from Halo 4.

While I am a FSR Commissar, I am not one of the UUF culture old order. I was UHR. I was committed to the UHR. The problems of our past, were cleared up. I cared for the UHR. I care today for the FSR. I trust we can talk this matter out.

thank you

( pls contact my gt )

Hello, This is Spliced117 of former clan LoS (now a part of SIN Corp). I just want to quickly inform you that you did not win the war against the LoS back in 2013. aside from the video proof with the description indicating how we won, but we also got a statement from UHR Achilles that LoS did in fact win that war. I hope you can see to fix that mistake and thank you for your understanding.