Recruiting true ODST's only....

THE ONI ODST is a spartan company for former ODST . Our goal is to create a community with skilled ODST’s who wants to fight with honor and glory for the ODST company . We only want dedicated ODST who follows all of our rules and dies for this company . You should also know that the Achilles is not a goal of ours. In this company we play warzone , ranked and social arena .We also have some strict rules and requierments so that our community easily becomes recognizeble and there for fearsome.

  • level 100+
  • Speaking english
  • Rank platinum+
  • Mic
    ¤¤ Rules ¤¤
  • You MUST have the ODST emblem with the standard red and yellow colors.If u don’t know what I’m talking about you can look at my emblem as an example
  • Allowed armor sets : Recon - Nightfall - Helljumper - Intruder - decimator - noble - indomitable - Wrath - Hunter -
    (no mixture)
    *Service tag MUST be “ODST”
    *You also need to have the emblem as your profile picture.

!!! If you don’t meet the requierments or don’t follow the rules you will be kicked from the company !!!

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