Recruiting Team Spartan

Hello there guys! I’m a guy on 19 years and just bought Xbox Live again and thought I could make Halo more interesting. I thought I could maybe recruit 2-3 people (a team of 3 or 4) for strategic gameplay in both Campaign and Multiplayer on most of the Halo games (since I have them all). Anyone who could swap between fooling around and being serious, depending on what we’re playing.

I need people who:

  1. Are good listeners.

  2. Won’t be annoying.

  3. Won’t fool around too much.

  4. Has atleast 3 Halo Games (Reach, H3 and H4?)

  5. Has a microphone.

  6. Talkactive (perhaps a sense of humor, but no trashtalking).

  7. Is available most of the times, or whom I can contact frequently.

  8. I’d also like people who at times takes charge of the Team and
    vice versa.

I live in Sweden so my timezone is GMT +1, hope atleast some of you will be interested, see ya around guys! :smiley: