Recruiting Spartans for Stag Clan

Hello to any Spartans who would like to join the Stag clan,

If you would like to join the clan please send SeizureM4n a friend request but before you do this please read the requirments for our clan, here they are:

Primary Colour: White
Secondary Colour: Violet

Foreground: Fleur de lis
Background: Blank

Emblem Primary: Violet
Emblem Secondary: Black
Emblem Background: Any (you will not see it anyway)

Clan Tag: STAG

Thank you for reading this and remember if you would like to join please send a friend request or a message to SeizureM4n,

Your Truley SeizureM4n.

Those tags? I think they are a lot more useful when you can call out someone’s tag instead of their full name, especially if you can’t see them across the map. Just a 'pinion.

Would you like to join