Recruiting player for The Genus Project!

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Hello everyone and welcome to The Genus Project. genus was the name chosen because it means Family in Latin and our goal is to form a group of players who are like a family. Joining this clan doesn’t require you to change much. We have three sections in our clan but keep in mind that they all do everything in the clan. These sections are to place you in what you excel at.
These sections are:

Fortuitus Players
These players like to play casually. They don’t excel at anything but they are also good at everything. This is the basic place for players who just want to have fun and play with other players.

Innectus Players
These players like to forge. They forge maps for the clan and love to make al kinds of maps varying from slayer to flood to mini game maps. Your maps can be tested by fellow members or on game nights. You will have a lot of chances to show off your masterpiece.

Mortiferum Players
These players like to punish their enemies. They like to play online because they want to ensure that the enemy remembers them as the players that destroyed their reputation as a halo player.

Elite Pro Team
These are the deadliest players. The best of the best. They will not take anything less then a win. This team is the hardest one to get into. This involves multiple training games and years to see if you’re the right fit. I’d you don’t get in don’t feel bad. You can try again every month to make sure that it’s not always the same players but remember, you can only try out once a month when the try outs for the elite pro team are held.

Me and my friend Lord Sofe had just started this clan and currently have few members but are growing. The sooner you join, the better you’ll be known around the clan. Message me on xbox live for more info or recruitment. Gt is NinjaTabii

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Please delete this post. The clan no longer exists. I will make a new clan in the new thread if anyone is interested.