Recruiting people for a halo/gta machinima

Hello I’m the TheXboxGamerPro on YouTube and I need anyones help with a machinma and I need voice/bodyActors first the roles I need

Female robot (main character)
UNSC Frigate Commander (male)
Partner for FIB Agent
Background characters (such as marines or pedestrians or FIB Agents

Now this is a machinma that takes place in the game for Xbox one GTA V And Halo MCC its about a group of rebels that call them selves the guardians this machinma is called TheDestroyersOfLosSantos now these destroyers are kinda like the people who took over Gotham in arkham knight the guardians are going to take it back but the need a special some one to do it that’s when we come in (already picked characters) Sgt. Miles Kemp, Private Mike Nichols, Rookie Jim ledger, Female Robot ( Role Available) Amy B926, are our heros who have crashed their pelican in Valhalla and are ship wrecked. We are looking for an actor for a female robot so send me a friend request and a message on xbox 1 about to role of the robot or any other roles u like gt: EnderAdventures