Recruiting New Members

Hello! My spartan company is currently looking for some new blood to fill out our open slots. We’ve recently returned from a short break and are currently active on Halo 5 again. We would like to find people who are willing to play under our company and work together towards the same goals. To be more specific I mean that I would like to have enough people that we can start having independent sub groups within the same company. These groups can be you and a couple friends or we can try and set you up with other people we find along the way.

If you’re still interested here are our requirements.

  • Must be at least 17 years or older. That’s it. Now with all of this being said I would like to make it clear that even know our long term goal is to have multiple groups under one company, we would still like to keep in touch with everyone so it doesn’t feel like an artificial experience,we like making new friends. and maybe we can even set something up to play some custom games on the weekends.

Our primary goal at the moment is working towards the new armor set and finishing out our commendations. If you are interested please contact me over Live (Gamertag-Xouram Markwulf) or message me here Xouram Markwulf. If you want to check our company out just click right here Rejects4ever.

Thanks for taking your time to read this poorly written post and thanks again if you decide to enlist with us.