Recruiting halo reach clan

Recruiting for a new pro Halo clan. Clan battles, custom challenges, ranking system, and more. We have 6 members but are looking to grow. Check out our website for more info. “” You can also message my gamertag: Solid Stealth

what kind of playlists do you guys play?

Team Slayer and Team Swat mostly… we stay away from objective type games

hmm im not a big swat guy I’m more of a snipers and team slayer player. i like objective in a way because it teaches you strong defense! thats cool though…how long has this group been active?

Almost 2 months… But we’re a strong group.

Do you guys have a small group site or something or youtube videos i can watch. I am curiouse?

We have a group site, but no videos yet. Funny you mention that though because my Dazzle HD is on the way…

haha not to sound like a “noob” whats (dazzle hd) lol!? Computer program you can record with or something…:confused: i guess i gotta check out your link bro!

Yea pretty much. It allows me to record the matches on my computer so i can edit them and post them on youtube.

oh! I’m glad i guess that one right! was it one of reccomended ones by recorders or just personal choice?

I seen some of the non HD ones and the quality is really bad. So I did a little research and found good reviews on this one.

Yeah i am one of them camera pointed at t.v guys. (lolz) for now my HD capture card broke haha! I guess i will check out what you got.