Recruiting Halo players to Teamknockout

We are currently looking for more Halo players to join. About us TKO x Hellights our leader has been leading since last year. Teamknockout has been growing since 2009, having over 300 members, 10 staff members, 4 strike teams, including Gears of war, Battlefield 3, Halo and Cod strike. Of course most of you are halo fans out there that are looking for a clan. We highly suggest joining TKO, as we have active branches ( halo ) wink wink, friendly environment many more. We are recruiting more halo fans for a fun thrill of gaming, competitive, and many more. To join TKO,sign up here, must be 18, must have TKO in motto, and must set your profile to everyone on xbox. Those who are under 18. We currently have an alternative website TKO youth,site: Please feel free to stop by, check us out. Thanks.