Recruiting Halo 3 Veterans for New Infinite Squad


Greetings Spartans!

Consider this a call to arms for all Halo 3 veteran players that have been removed from the competitive scene for quite some time now. With Infinite finally landing, and despite the new age speed of Halo nowadays, a crew of Halo 3 veterans is being assembled to relive the glory days of old. This new squad will be running off the PC platform, with primarily mouse & keyboard setups (though controllers are not unwelcomed) and operating out of the East Coast (EST) timezone.

The 2 creators of this initiative have deep roots tracing back to Halo 2 and Halo 3, and even the more recent Halo 5. The primary goal in sight here is to spark a competitive spirit once again among like-minded Halo veteran players, and enjoy the nostalgic experience while doing so! This new squad will be housed in and supported by the already-existing competitive Project Fireteam initiative, originally created to fully service and support competitive Overwatch teams.

Reach out to me ASAP (with your experience and qualifications) if you are a Halo 3 veteran player, at least 25 years of age, and desire to join a mature, competitive, dedicated squad of veteran Spartans. Candidates will be screened up front on their Halo knowledge, playstyle, and motivation(s). Tryouts will be evaluated via some casual match performance checks. Captains and roster starters will be chosen based on performance, personality traits, and overall availability. The squad as a whole will be partitioned into dedicated “fireteams” of 4.

Salute Spartans o7

:rotating_light: Player Requirements :rotating_light:

Age: [25+]
Region: [NA]
Platform: [PC]
Language: [English]
Preferred Timezone: [EST]

Goals: [A demonstrated willingness to improve, including the ability to take & apply constructive criticism.]

Communication: [A clear ability to communicate effectively with teammates, staff, & opponents in a positive & respectful manner.]

Demeanor: [Tilting happens. Internalize it or ask for help. There is an expectation to maintain composure & not allow it to negatively impact the team.]