Recruiting great forgers

Hi I’m undeadhunter100

I’m looking for expert forgers to create elaborate and impenetrable HQ’s. here are a few requirements:

  • Full arsenal of most weapons, with 1sec respawn and max clips.
  • Impenetrable gate controlled for the inside.
    -optional Full set of vehicles and teleported accessed by vehicles only.
  • Full arsenal of armor abilities, four of each, set to 1 sec respawn.
    -optional office
    -optional meeting room

It’s clan has no name in particular so I’m all ears.
A tryout will consist of a example following requirements above.
Please message me about a tryout and or map idea.
Gamer tag is undeadhunter100 for those who didn’t look at the top thanks.

I’m sorry for all of the grammar errors, auto correct has never liked me.

Hi I’m the President of the Imperial Spartan Republic and I would like to offer you a job at the I.S.R. as head forger in our Department of State. PM if you would like to accept this invitation.

Sure why not, I may not be what your looking for tho. I’m little against halo 4 forging do to the limited space of the maps. So, I accept but practice is due.