RECRUITING: \GG/GetGood Gaming 15+ Years of Gaming

Get Good Gaming, \GG/, is an experienced 15+ year gaming community. (Read at bottom for history) We’re going to give the best experience a gaming community can provide, as I’m a leader with a ton of experience to bring you just what you need. No trials, or errors. We’re a sponsored community, website, t-shirts, and competed in many prior games. We will have game nights throughout the week where we practice Reach, and enjoy the game. (+ Other Halo games) \GG/ has been waiting for Halo MCC on PC for awhile, so join us for no regrets. We have:

  • Website: Check us out! (Link in our private forums) - Discord: Join our voice comms! - Gaming Servers - YouTube channel - Giveaways - Gaming nights/eventsPLEASE LIST BELOW: 1. Main Games You Play 2. Are you interested in playing with us casually/competitively? 3. Do you have Discord or ability to get it?

Any questions/ideas feel free to message me, or post in the group! Use tags, stick around, and add others to game and have fun! I have previously ran a gaming clan/community for 7 years. Some of us original clannies are still around! {SS}SoulSociety competed in tournaments, had game nights, many gaming events and played various games and was well known in the MMO world. {SSC}SoulSobriety was a pun on our own clan, but this was a gaming community. I started to have less time, and running a competitive clan on such person time constraints did not work well. Alas, I found myself leaning towards one game even though I had a few people in charge, and became more active than I wanted to be. When I took a step away for a bit and came back it kind of flopped.Leader: XDeathXSS, \GG/LastChance, GG69

As an update of 12/3, only 10 minutes later. We have 4 members who have joined us within 10 minutes of posting!

1.warframe 2. causal as f**k. 3. already got discord

Mainly fighting games as well as shooters, Mainly Halo Reach now that it’s re-released on MCC. I’ve played pretty casually but am interested in playing more competitive. I use discord all the time

  1. FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, Halo MCC,
  2. Casually, my work schedule and school schedule are way too unreliable to be able to join for a competitive setting.
  3. I’ve been using Discord since BETA.

I’m a bit confused on how I can actually join though.

To -Yoink!- and Halo6092, please check your notifications, invites, and Spartan notification on forums. Thanks!!! GL, HF. GG, WP!

Doing the once allowed forum week bump! We are still looking for more active members of the Halo Reach community! We want you and it would be awesome to have a chance to game with you all!