Recruiting french clan and roster

Hi I’m MH x Drykorn, I open this topic because I’m recruiting french players for my clan or maybe my roster.
In out clan We are active, nice, open minded and we are recognized in the french community for our fairplay.
we play in T4 (4vs4) and we don’t Know if we want open a T8.
Actually we play H2A but we’ll play H5 soon.
For our clan we are looking for players matures but the lvl doesn’t matter we can merform it but if you are a good player we can test and affect you to the roster adapted to your actual lvl.

> Message to Foreign Clans and Entities Epsilon Fleet would like to announce the following:
> If you are interested in being allies with the Epsilon Fleet just message Darth Baum via Xbox and we will invite you to the meeting with our allies.
> If you are interested in helping us create a NATO-isk alliance of clans that will serve to boost activity and provide mediation and a common defense once again message Darth Baum on Xbox Live and you will be invited to the meeting as well!
> If you are willing to fight our clan in a friendly clan battle or clan raid just message Darth Baum, DevilofArRamadi, DaFonkster87, Whitewolf1024 or Norofield and we will definitely battle you!
> We want to improve the overall community’s activity on Halo MCC and of course on Halo 5. At the current moment it seems like every clan is just “waiting for Halo 5” or are not content with “the state of the game”. I personally believe that is hurting the community and we can have a great time doing battles doing activities right here and right now. We do not have to wait until October to have events. Just contact myself on Xbox Live and we will run some sort of activity. Do not be a USR and not fight! Lets have fun!