Recruiting for WDS


  • Do you want to make some new friends?
  • Want to have the advantage in-game because you play with a squad that actually works together!!!
  • Doesn’t squad based teamwork vastly improve when you can actually speak to other members?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then join us now!!!

Things are done differently here!
We very kindly accept donations to make what we have better. Not shove a payment plan down your throat and or kick you out.

This clan is about improving your game and having fun at the same time.

We have a minimum age requirement of 18 years old.
You must have a microphone/headset.

Mission Statement

We are just your everyday clan…
no actually we are not,
we are recruiting for squad tactical play,
looking for squad leaders and recruits with mics and the Balls to want to kick some -Yoink-

so if you are interested in joining the clan just msg one of our leaders and we will invite you to the clan and get you a try-out

right now we are recruiting and taking donations too start up our servers, VoIP and too help support the clan so let us know if you want too help out

when we get a good amount of people, we will be starting practices, clan matches, tourneys and be announcing ranks and our websites. As of right now we are just a small group of individuals looking too create a family type gaming atmosphere while keeping it professional, competitive and fun.

Our Plan in the long run is to have a 3-4 servers including a private for having clan matches and maybe at some point go pro with a small team if we get our community up and going.

we game pc ps3 and xbx and we are starting up in new games everyday so let me know if u wanna join

XBX - WDS Dreamkiller

steam - maverick_red101

ps3 - cerebralhigh420

skype - grindinganja42o

Teamspeak 3 -


WE HAVE bf3 pc servers and 2 sister clans one for xbx and one for pc WDS is on all systems with over 200 members total