Recruiting for UNSC

Hello Community Members,
I am a leader of a farily new clan on Halo 5. The UNSF, United Nations Special Forces are a UNSC based clan that has been active on Halo 5 for 6 weeks. In our short lifespan we’ve ammased a force of 50 members ingame. We’ve participated in various raids and clan activities around the community dealing with all kinds of clans, UNSC based or not. We are more than simply a clan, we’re friends and we’ve stayed true to our roots. We follow a dimplomatic system in which each memeber has a voice and overall we’re always socializing on and off Halo, either through text or kik. If you think you want to join, shoot me a message on Xbox at JustxR3CON or kik at imnotjavier.
UNSF Leader

Best of luck to you, UNSF! You guys sound like a really cool and fun group. It’s always good to see clans/communities come together and see each other as family.

UMFC Valor - UMFC President