Recruiting for the Wikkid Lizard Clan

What are the Wikkid Lizards?

The Wikkid Lizards are a Halo Clan for any players, but there are Requirements. The Wikkid Lizards clan features in a BTB, Flood, Living Dead, and Multi Team Session but when the Sessions come up have not yet been decided.


Have at least Halo 3, Reach, and 4.

Have a War Games Pass (Download from Halo 4 Disc 2).

Have Xbox Live.

How do you join?

To join message me via xbox live. I will not get back straight away but if I am busy offline or online I promise I will get on asap to plan a Recruiting. The Recruiting is most likely going to be planned the day after I receive it.

At what time are the sessions?

The sessions are most likely going to be once - twice a week or so. There will be none in the weekend or if they are it will be very rarely.

What will Wikkid Lizards be like in the Future?

It is not decided what the clan will be of in the Future because this is a very small clan but there will some Major terms added into this.