Recruiting for The Achilles!

Hello fellow spartan IV’s!
Are your goals in Halo 5 to achieve the awesome looking Achilles armour and make friends while achieving it? Then join in The Achilles Spartan Company today! We are working really hard on acquiring this armour and we cannot do it without your help! We almost have all the kill commendations to level 2, I’m sure if get more people in this company, we can get them all to level 5 in no time! We play alot of Warzone, BTB, and other Arena games, so you can play alot different variety games with us!
We are not pro and we do not ask you to be!
We are just casual players who are looking for a good time and to achieve the armour. All we ask of you is to have a good mic and enjoy the game!
If you want in on the fun just message OmniVoltage on either Halo Waypoint or on Xbox Live! Go ahead and send a join request to The Achilles and feel free to send me a friend request on Xbox!

We hope to see you on the battlefield with us Spartan!