Recruiting for some unquie clans.

Hey guys this section today is going to be about clans that i have gone through that I think everyone should consider.Hopefully by the end of this you would like to be recruited in such clan.

Navcom-Navcom is a clan based all on Halo.Its divison consit of Spartan IIs,Spartan IIIs,ODST,Marines,Navy,And Spartan IVs.This clan works on the website builder of Enjin.The “leader” of this clan is John 117 SII.They do not belive really in leaders.They all work together as a family.

105th Divison-This clan is only about the ODSTs.It is a great clan.The 105th came from Navcom.It was orignally Navspecwar but with issues it became 105th.This clan is ran by Rybo 100.This clan on the other does belive in leaders.There are 3 total leaders all together.They keep their site up to date.

The Metal Uprising-The Metal Uprising is truly based on skill.It is spilt up into 8 divisons.All divisons have their own unquie talents.For example marksman,close combat,etc.The leader of this clan is Bamlett53.He runs a tight shift.Only join this clan if you have what it takes to be the best.

UNSCMC-UnitedNationSpaceCommandMarineCorps.Long name yes,but it is worth it.Now this clan is based on the UNSC,but its all about the Marines.Some of the groups are Marines,ODST,etc.The leader of this clan is oO W0LFE Oo.The o in wolfe is a 0.He runs a tight shift with his wife.

I have been exploring these clans for a while now.If interest please do sign up for them.

As my stupid self I forgot to give you guys the sites.
105th Helljumpers-
The Metal Uprising-