Recruiting for Shadows of Reach

Hello I’m Elven Deadeye, Leader of the Shadows of Reach, and I’m recruiting for friendly and mature people. Were a fun and mature clan that accepts everyone.

How it works: The Shadows of Reach has up to 4 Spartans per division. The first member of each division is the commander of their team. There are different kinds of divisions such as infantry, artillary, sniper, vehicle, and airborne divisions. Commanders are responcible for recruiting their team. We do matchmaking, forge, custom games, and clan battle.

Ranking: You get ranked on how long you are on your team and how active you are. You can recongnize ranks by emblems. Once youve proven yourself with me on matchmaking you become a soldier (orange flame background with gray and black dog tags). After being on the team for a week you become a special ops (blue flame with gray and black dog tags). Once on a team for a month you become a veteran (green flame with gray/black dog tags).
Commander ranking: Once proven you become a commander (orange flame with gray/black skull king). Keep a whole team for a week to become a commando (blue flame with gray/black skull king. Lead your team to victory various times and prove your a good commander to become a chief (black flame with gray/black skull).

Current live divisions: Mythic Team: head division (still looking for members)
Alpha Team: sniper division. The next few to join will be part of Mythic Team and after them we will be opening new teams.

If you wish to join a division message me and tell me what kind of division you want to join and I’ll assign you a team! (Gamertag: Elven Deadeye)

“•Must change symbol to the clan’s (flame background with gray and black cat tags)”

Sorry for some reason whenever I post d o g tags it always comes out saying cat tags even if I try editing it (wierd glitch)

OMG its still saying cat tags!!! Someone tell me why it wont say D O G tags without spaces!

Hey I didn’t know you had a clan

Well I just berely made one don’t have membs yet

I almost have one his name is Broliest Bro but hasn’t responded. You can join if you want

Yeah I’ll join I just need to fix my halo reach I’ll fix by next Wednesday

Also can you add me again? Little brother deleted you and could only remember the Alphakiller part

Ok and I’m also have a halo 3 clan I started today if you have halo 3 we could recruit some people

Ok what’s it called?

Spartan Blue Alpha

Cool I won’t be able to play today but I can monday


In my clan do you want to be part of Mythic Team or be commander of your own cuz I’m making an army of divisions and there is a maximum of 4 Spartans per division

Commander Of Alpha team kinda like alpha is that ok

Yah that’s fine what kind of division is it? Infantry, artilary, sniper, vehicle, airborne, or everything

Sniper with everything

ok so your officially Commander AlphaKiller117 of Alpha Team. Make sure to recruit up to 3 other members for your division I’ll even help

I’ve already chosen I’ll just have to tell them

Do you have a website?