Recruiting for Sabre Team 1 "ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ"

Sabre Team 1


Sabre Team 1 is currently looking for more members for our competitive strategic team. If you or any of your friends are interested in joining our veteran group of gamers, please feel free to message me (Vulcan 182), or respond to this post.


  • Above the age of 17 - Able to communicate in a reasonable manner - PASSING a fair team based tryout consisting of 3 or more games/matches - Access to a computer, and able to create a Gamebattles Account (TBD) - **Available to compete on weekends (I understand people’s work schedules, and am willing to work around them)**About Our Team

We have been playing Halo since the initial release of Halo Combat Evolved on the Original Xbox and PC, we are a group of life long friends that enjoy the competitive scene of gaming. We use outstanding team coordination, and communication to play at the best of our ability. We are usually on every night if time permits.