Recruiting for Reach machinima Join now!

I am starting to make a Halo Reach machinima series which will be in movie form, the script is complete and I am good with filming and editing and I want this to be one people will remember if you are interested continue reading
When a top secret weapon that could ensure the victory of the UNSC over the Insurection is stolen General Epps puts together a team of the very first Spartan II’s to lead the UNSC into battle and put a stop to the insurection once and for all! but when two of the spartans father turns out to be leader of the insurection a path of drama action quests and faith are put into the path of the war prepare for the final battle to begin the one right next door!
Logan: Spartan 001 the leader of spartan squad 1 Nicks younger brother(Role Taken)

Nick: Spartan 002 co leader of spartan squad 1 Logans older brother(Needs voice actor)

Keegan: Spartan 003 a close courters person with a quick temper(Needs Voice Actor)

Reacker: Spartan 004 heavy weapons specialist(Role Taken)

Riley : Spartan 005 the medic(Needs Voice actor)

General Epps: Commander of the entire UNSC(Needs Voice Actor)

Seargent Rick(Role Taken)

Private spectre(Role Taken)

Captian Lance: captian of the UNSC Spirit of vengence(Role Taken)

General Luke/Rokk: Leader of the insurection Logan and nicks supposed deceased father
(Needs Voice actor that can edit to make sound alittle like a sidborg)

Bone Crusher: a heavy weapon soilder very hard to take down(Needs Voice actor)

Private Tucker: lukes apprentice(Needs Voice actor

additonal voices may be needed!

  1. Able to edit own voices if needed

  2. an email or skype (so I can send a audition script and you send me your voice)

  3. you cannot be a squeaker or have alittle bit of high voice!

  4. deep voice

  5. you must listen to me quiet while I am speaking

  1. have mappacks (optional but would really help!)

  2. behave while on set

5 have halo reach (DUH :p)

Email me:

add my GT: CANCLES

add my skype: cancleproductions

yt mssge me: CancleProductions
and I will get back to you as soon as possible! I hope you will want to be a part of this!