Recruiting for RazorBladeGaming

I’m the leader of RazorBlade on halo 4. We’re currently a small group of people wanting to have fun, also looking for some friendly competition, and wishing to expand our numbers. We have clan nights every monday-friday, and we host a tournament between members for microsoft points every saturday… Did i also mention we’re sponsored by Gamestop.


  • We do not tolerate cheating, hacking, game/system tampering.
  • Must be atleast 14 of age, but preferably 15 of age.
  • No discrimination/disrespect of any type towards other members.
  • Not permitted to be part of another clan while participating with us.

A official clan website is under construction. i will post a link to the website when it has been published.

If anyone is interested in joining please message Uthur93 and/or black arcenic and we will get to you as soon as we can. If you have any questions either message us or post a comment and i will get to you when i can