Recruiting for Ragnarok Ascending Spartan Company

Hello fellow Halo players!

My name is SavageSlaps, and I am currently looking for new members to join my newly created Spartan Company: Ragnarok Ascending.

This company was designed for a mostly casual player-base, but we wouldn’t mind some competitive players joining as well. My goal is to form a community in this Spartan Company so players can have fun with others and hopefully make friends as well. Thank you for your time.

Good Luck Out There Spartans,

Hello, I’d be very interested in joining Ragnarok Ascending. Could you tell me how I’d go about applying to join? Because I’ve been looking to join a company for sometime now and I’d be very interested. If you’d like to message me on xbl that would be brilliant because I’m not too sure how to get notifications from the forums.
Thank you
Omot Initt

was in this spartan company for a few weeks now, no longer in any company? Did i do something? D: