Recruiting for LEGION OF BOOM BOOM

Hello fellow Spartans!

Legion of BOOM BOOM is currently looking for ACTIVE players! We are preferably looking players in the U.S. or Canada or in the same hemisphere. We value most is TEAMWORK, so we teach our member’s map callouts, map control, weapon spawns and strategies. Personally knowing all these strategies have sustainably improved me as a halo player and I have seen exponential improvement in our member’s. If you wish to become part of this Kick butt team Please send Queenlingling a message.
Also most of our memebers have full time jobs or go to school full time, so we are mainly on at nights. If you have a job we totally understand!
We are a bunch of people that love to play halo and get a little competitive!

Link for the Lazy

thanks ozzymoto

Please use your existing recruitment thread, thanks.